CADAVER DISPOSAL - Transformatio Mundi (English version)

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Cadaver disposal

For me, everything started with CAVADER DISPOSAL by an unexpected meeting (because of a sound issue) that I don’t regret at all, during MAJESTY’s show, before BATTLE BEAST’s concert (the 25th of March, at Le Petit Bain in Paris, France). By talking a bit with the bass player of the band, Alex Voss, I discovered that he also plays in a Death Metal band, which turns out to be really talented, and which I am going to introduce to you right now!

Let’s start with a quick presentation of the band, but I promise that you will learn more about them thanks to an interview that we are going to make and post soon! Formed in 2010 and signed on Nihilistic Record a year later, the band is composed of Stefan Meyerhoff on vocals (ex member of BRAINDEAD), Dennis Blaze Baron on the guitar (member of MALLEVS MALEFICARVM and FINAL DEPRAVITY), Alex Voss on the bass (member of MAJESTY) and Torturer on the drums (member of BETHLEHEM and MOR DAGOR and ex member of BELPHEGOR); they clearly are not amateurs. A first record, titled May All Be Dead, was released in 2013 before the band broke up. But they decided to rebuilt the band in 2016 to prepare the little gem which Transformatio Mundi is (this album will be release on the 28th of April 2017) which I am going to talk about!

The atmosphere is set up with the introduction, called De pulchritudine et de ruinam. A  majestic, heavy and mysterious ambiance is created, reinforced by very light sounds of birds while each instrument finds its place. Then everything is blown away by a demonic riff and Congregation starts! It is right now a much more aggressive and rhythmic universe that takes us. Stefan’s deep scream perfectly combines with the musical part. For a beginning, this album is really good and you will probably start headbanging and tap your foot on the beat without noticing it! The powerful drums joins the bass and they answer one to another without competing for attention as they seem complementary. The third song of the album, The Ancient Order, has some surprises for you! If you thought you were satisfied with the first song, you are wrong and should get ready for this one! The singer speaks in a guttural and heady voice which enchants us. The following song, Seven Seals Unveiled, comes back to a more traditional Death Metal. The screams are longer and we feel that the most important here is the force the musicians have altogether, more than on the virtuosity of each of them. A Fateful Gathering opens on a guitar riff lined by a powerful bass part. The rhythmic is almost mechanical and Stefan comes back to his deep screams. The next song is greatly entitled Divine Delectation. When it starts, it reminds me some songs of Groove Metal, and we feel as if we were slowly falling into a mystical trance, filled with visions and dreams. What really strikes me at this stage of the album is that every songs are both hypnotic and really strong ; however each one has its own identity and the band never repeats itself until now and always offers new efforts in the compositions, such as the break on this sixth song. A beautiful solo soon joins in to convince you to fall into CADAVER DISPOSAL’s arms. It is now time for What Must Never Be Forgotten! Even if it is as explosive as the previous song, it leaves me feeling hungry for more, probably because of the too strong contrast, according to me, with the last song we listened to.

At this point in the album, the band offers us a poetic and ethereal, almost evanescent, interlude. An Infinite Dream Ascends makes me plunged into a musical universe close to INSOMNIUM’s one, which, as you know, I really like! CADAVER DISPOSAL just finished convincing me that they totally mastered their compositions to transmit an incredible energy through highly worked melodies. This is now time for the eponymous song of the album: Transformatio Mundi. More than on the other songs, the bass truly takes all its place by spinning a melody, of course with the guitar, around the singer’s voice. The chorus is lively and the rhythmic and melodic breaks introduced by the drums always give desire for more, each instrument superimposing itself on the others with harmony. Failure of Man clashes with the rest of the album because of its Thrash influences. The guitar sometimes let space for some furtive notes from the bass while Stefan seems to turn his voice higher. The following song, Saddening Nothingness, takes another direction toward a more aggressive Death Metal. Once again, CADAVER DISPOSAL sends us a really heavy riff, accompanied by a super violent drums part on a powerful break. The voice sings in a twisted way and creates a more and more oppressive ambiance which ends on a new break which features the bass. The atmosphere seems new too with the beginning of Return From Exile. The song mostly worked around the contrast between the bass and the guitar which make somehow a dissonance. Comparing with other songs, the drum is almost discrete. The final bell tolls with the conclusion, Quantum Restat, which comes back to the strong Death Metal with which the album started. The band surprises me a last time with a spoken voice mixed with devilish screams. We now have come full circle and I am totally convinced by this band which I recommend you to listen to!

Artwork transformatio mundi


Honestly, it had been a while since I didn’t like so much an album and I began to despair to find a "new" band that could transmit me so much energy while offering great musical compositions, but CADAVER DISPOSAL did it! Transformatio Mundi was made as a story, a tale which carries a warning which almost looks like a curse: with improvement, humanity is turning back to the natural and original harmony to dive into sciences and rationality, which exposes us to the risk of defying forces that go beyond us. It is your choice to discover or not this rich and dark universe ; I did it and I will start again without hesitating since I am ready to yield again to the devastating and overpowering force of CADAVER DISPOSAL!

Tracklist :

1. De pulchritudine et de ruinam
3. The Ancient Order
4. Seven Seals Unveil
5. A Fateful Gathering
6. Divine Delectation
7. What Must Be Never Forgotten
8. An Infinite Dream Ascend
9. Transformatio Mundi
10. Failure Of Man
11. Saddening Nothingness
12. Return From Exile
13. Conclusio : Quantum Restat



Cadaver Disposal

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